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Nosebleed seats at Final Four may literally make a person’s nose bleed (photo)


Yamma hamma, that’s way up there. People won’t even be able to see John Calipari arrogantly mugging from those seats. The Final Four will be held in AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, this weekend. On Saturday, when the Florida Gators and Connecticut Huskies take the court and later, the Wisconsin Badgers and Kentucky Wildcats, some fans sitting in the upper reaches of the stadium will want to bring binoculars … or avoid attending the games altogether.

In a tweet from the official account of the Final Four — an odd move — the viewing perspective from seats that very nicely can be referred to as a bird’s eye view — and that’s stretching it — of the court is highlighted.

Of course, these are the issues always associated with holding a basketball game in a stadium designed for football. The court is so much smaller than a field and in an effort to pack the fans in up to the rafters — literally — some seats invariably will what appears to be miles away from the action.

Another look see from another seat where fans will be able to not watch the action from way out.

Of course, AT&T Stadium boasts some of the best and biggest video screens in all the land, so odds are those will be relied upon heavily for a lot of fans taking the game in person.

But man oh man, that top photo? What’s the point in even purchasing that ticket? Just to say you were there? Sure, a person could brag to their buddies about being at the Final Four, but is it worth it?

Suffice to say, anyone with acrophobia needn’t attempt to secure tickets in this particular area of the stadium. As a person with a fear of heights, I’m getting dizzy just imagining watching a game from that vantage point.

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