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DeSean Jackson puts pen to paper, officially signs with Washington Redskins (photo)

The unexpected and unplanned unemployment of DeSean Jackson after his surprising release by the Philadelphia Eagles has ended quickly with the talented but controversial wide receiver signing a deal with the Washington Redskins on Wednesday.

Jackson’s deal with the Redskins reportedly is for three-years and $24 million, including $16 million in guaranteed money, according to a USA Today source.

The fallout of Jackson’s release by the Eagles undoubtedly will be felt in the NFC East, giving the Redskins a significant upgrade on offense and another weapon for Robert Griffin III to utilize.

Whether the Redskins overlooked the concerns of the Eagles about Jackson’s rumored gang-related indiscretions or believed his vehement denial of the allegations is unknown. What is known, however, is that Jackson now will have two chances every season to prove to the Eagles just how wrong the team was about him. Unless, of course, those off the field issues and the concerns the Eagles held about the receiver prove to be accurate.