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Tommy Lasorda checks out a life-sized Tommy Lasorda bobblehead (video/photo)


Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda came face-to-face with a life-sized bobblehead version of himself and even posed for a photo standing alongside the wobbly-headed depiction.

Lasorda, along with Dodgers announcer Rick Monday, examined the Lasorda bobblehead inside Dodger Stadium. The bobblehead is an accurate representation of the Hall of Famer and is holding Lasroda’s Cooperstown plaque in its hands.

A pretty big thrill for Lasorda, I’m sure. Unlike the real Lasorda, it looks like the bobblehead version of the legend never needed to utilize Slim-Fast. At the same time, unlike the ginormous bobblehead version of Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer, Lasorada Bobblehead Doll does not inspire fear and terror in those who encounter it.

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