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Jonny Gomes is wearing his American Flag blazer to the White House (photos)


The Boston Red Sox will visit the White House on Tuesday to be honored as 2013 World Series champions and to properly commemorate the event, left fielder Jonny Gomes literally is wearing his patriotism on his sleeves.

Teammate Mike Napoli tweeted the below photo of Gomes rocking the Stars and Stripes blazer as the team prepared to travel to the White House for the team’s meet and greet with President Barack Obama.


There is no word on whether or not other Red Sox playes similarly will be sporting the blazers, although they could if they wish, as Gomes presented each player with an American flag blazer of their very own.

Another look at Gomes’ apropos fashion statement:

Also on deck to receive one of these bad boys is Obama himself.

Man oh man, to see the entire Red Sox team and the President donning these somewhat garish (although the stripes are very slimming) but very patriotic jackets would be a photo-op for the ages.

And yet, let’s be honest. As argued previously when the blazer first came to our attention, the blazer is exactly what one envisions the Statue of Liberty’s pimp would wear. You know, if Lady Liberty were an employee in the world’s oldest profession. Which she is not. She’s not that kind of gal. Further, she’s a statue, people. Get with the program.

UPDATE: David Ortiz tweeted a photo from the White House revealing that Gomes may be the only guy rocking the Stars and Stripes blazer.

Killer look, Jonny.