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Newspaper headline: ‘Mets Blow a Save and Fan 18 times in Opening Loss’ (pic)


Awkward. It’s funny because the phrasing of the headline makes it sound like the New York Mets not only had a blown save, the team also blew a fan 18 times while the squad lost to the Washington Nationals on Opening Day.

To be honest, the effort that went into reviewing that headline before publication sucked. But did it swallow? (Ba-zing!)

Even the reporter who wrote the article, Jared Diamond of The Wall Street Journal, found the undeniable humor in the headline gaffe.

It’s going to be hard to top that headline this MLB season, especially when it comes to coverage of the Mets. Then again, Bartolo Colon is on the Mets roster this season, a name that offers up a bevy of funny headline possibilities (see here and here).

Do your best, headline writers. Or, if a funny Colon headline manages to slip through the crack (Zing!), they should do their worst.

[H/T SB Nation, image via @MarkFishkin]