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April Fools! DeMarcus Cousins is not releasing an R&B album (video)

On Sunday, Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins announced via his Instagram account that he was all set to release an R&B album.

Cousins revealed the supposed album would be released under the name of his musical alter ego, Boogie Smooth (Boogie Cousins is his NBA nickname). The title of the album allegedly was “Misunderstood.” A fitting name for the mercurial player, indeed.

Well, it turns out the Instagram post was all part of an elaborately planned April Fools’ Day hoax. Cousins posted a video on Tuesday announcing that no, there would be no R&B album forthcoming and even provided adequate sonic evidence as to why such an album would be an epically misguided mistake.

Yamma hamma. You got us, DeMarcus Cousins. Well played. Well played, indeed.

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