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Chip Kelly declines wedding invite from fans, he’s got the Draft that weekend (pic)


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly probably would have loved to attend, but he had to politely decline an invitation to the upcoming nuptials of two clearly die-hard Eagles fans. You see, his calendar is pretty booked up for the weekend of the wedding. Yeah, he’s got the NFL Draft and stuff.

Thomas Froschle and Maryanne Goslee, the fans who invited Kelly to their wedding on May 10, received the above reply from the Eagles coach, who in a personal message, expressed his regrets that he was otherwise occupied that particular weekend.

The best part is he replied early, well in advance and in accordance with the “RSVP By” date stipulated on the invite. What a guy.

In the end, there’s no harm in trying, right?The groom -to-be wasn’t even expecting a response.

We weren’t really expecting anything. It was almost like a gag, really,” Froschle said, according to the Eagles official site.

It’s just too bad Kelly can’t make it, as the soon-to-be wedding couple said that the reception is to be Eagles-themed.

The tables are all decorated as Eagles players, and we’re also setting up a Chip Kelly table,” Goslee said. “We’re coming out to the Eagles fight song too, so it’s getting pretty intense.”

Intense, indeed. Gotta support the team and all that, evidently.

[H/T Eye on Football, via The Post Game, image via @johnbreech]