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There is a life-sized Max Scherzer bobblehead — it is nightmare fuel (photo)


To celebrate the seventh annual “April in the D,” FOX Sports Detroit has commissioned life-sized bobblehead dolls of seven prominent Detroit athletes. The huge bobbleheads ultimately will be placed throughout the city after being displayed outside Comerica Park on Opening Day for the Tigers.

Created by two Detroit-based firms, the athletes honored with the ginormous bobbleheads are Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer, Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter, Pistons center Andre Drummond, Pistons forward Josh Smith, Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard and Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk, according to a statement released by FOX Sports Detroit.

The gigantic bobblehead featured in a Crain’s Detroit Business Report story is the one made in the likeness of Max Scherzer. It is a remarkably terrifying depiction of the Tigers hurler, although the fact that the creators elected to have the bobblehead feature Scherzer’s Heterochromia iridum as well is about the only reason the doll resembles Scherzer, albeit in a cartoonish, freaky-deaky sort of way.

Frightening stuff all the way around. Straight-up, Grade-A nightmare fuel to be sure.

The real Scherzer, meanwhile, reportedly rejected a six-year, $144 million offer from the Tigers in March. Too bad being memorialized as a gigantic bobblehead didn’t happen sooner. Maybe it would have swayed the reigning Cy Young Award winner’s assessment of the high-buck offer. Then again, looking at that thing, probably not.

[H/T Extra Mustard, image via @TomLeyden]