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Steven Stamkos pulls off the spin-o-rama during 13-round shootout (GIF)


The Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders found themselves knotted up at two goals apiece after playing three periods of hockey and one five-minute overtime session on Thursday night. Little did they know that the teams were about to engage in a marathon of a shootout session.

The shootout that ended with Sammy Salo’s game-winner and a 3-2 Lightning win went thirteen rounds, meaning a whopping twenty-six players had a crack at the gimmicky way the NHL sadly continues to award a team with a charity bonus point.

But the highlight of the drawn-out shootout was Steven Stamkos pulling a the spin-o-rama out of his bag of tricks during his attempt at putting one past Evgeni Nabokov.

While the spin-o-rama doesn’t work every time, when executed correctly, it’s difficult for any goaltender to stop. Such was the case with the Stamkos-Nabokov shootout showdown.


That was almost as nice as Stamkos’ baseball swing goal from Monday night in a game against the Ottawa Senators.

At least that goal occurred during regular game play.

Regarding the spin-o-rama: As SB Nation points out, hockey purists — already irritated by the concept of a shootout, more a skills exhibition than a true and fair test — argue that the puck stops during execution of the spin-o-rama. But since the spin is considered a continuous move, it’s fair game. And when done well, it’s a cool shot, despite its placement in a mockery of real hockey, the shootout.