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Steve Mariucci shares hilarious pic of him and Tom Izzo from 1977 (photo)

Ever since Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci attended Iron Mountain High in Michigan and were teammates on the football, basketball and track teams, the Michigan State Spartans head basketball coach and current NFL Network analyst have been tight.

With the Spartans set to take on the Virginia Cavaliers in a Sweet Sixteen match-up on Friday, Mariucci thought it would be a hoot to share an epically comical photograph of the two for Throwback Thursday.

The setup for the photo. After graduating from high school, both attended Northern Michigan University, where they were roommates. Upon graduation from college in 1977, the bosom buddies embarked on a cross country road trip to blow off some steam and celebrate their accomplishments.

The dynamic duo found themselves at the Grand Canyon on one grand day, and this delightful photograph was snapped that encapsulates all that was hilariously awful about the 1970s. It’s absolutely hilarious. I seriously can hear Foghat’s “Slow Ride” echoing inside my head simply from looking upon this photo.

Mariucci once shared in an interview that the two were so close and so inseparable, often serving as an escort for the other to team banquets and functions, that some people began to suspect the two were gay.

“Well, I would bring him, he would bring me,” Mariucci said. “Free meal, right? So people started wondering a little bit about us.”

The photo above doesn’t seem to give rise to any indication that the two were more than pals. The one below, however…


Yeesh. In the end, Izzo and Mariucci have built a true friendship that has stood the test of time and likely will for decades to come.

But those hairstyles, man, especially Izzo with the mid-part and feathered sides. Good grief. Although Mariucci can’t say much about it. Look at that porn stache thing he’s got going on there.

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