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Michael Carter-Willams needed Matthew Wilder jam after Sixers’ 26th straight loss


The Philadelphia 76ers tied the NBA record for streaky futility on Thursday, dropping its mind-boggling 26th straight game with a 120-98 trouncing at the hands of the Houston Rockets.

Rookie Michael Carter-Williams felt the need to give a pep talk to his teammates — the youngest team in the NBA — following the record-tying loss.

“During the game a couple of guys had long faces … and I found myself a little bit down,” said Carter-Williams, one of six rookies on the roster, according to CBS Sports. “I just don’t want anyone in this locker room feeling bad for themselves … I think that’s really important that we don’t get down on ourselves and we just give up just because we have a certain amount of losses.

“I just felt like I needed to speak my piece and make sure that guys are upbeat every single day.”

Carter-Williams, 22,¬† deserves a lot of credit for holding on tightly to his positive attitude and then attempting to inspire — or at least console — his teammates. It must be soul-crushing to lose that many games in a row, not to mention this many games in the season (the Sixers are now a woeful 15-57).

In that way, Carter-Williams would have been well-served to download Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” and blast it in the locker room. Because ain’t nothin’¬†gonna break his stride. Oh no (oh no) he’s got to keep on moving.

Now that I’m at the end of this post, I realize the folly of the ridiculous premise of this post. It popped into my head and I went with it. Plus, any opportunity to reference “Break My Stride,” the 1983 cheese rock classic by the aforementioned Wilder, and then embed the video?

Well, it makes the time spent on the post kinda worth it. It has a Friday vibe to its inherent stupidity, right?