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Bo Pelini helps orchestrate reunion between military sergeant and wife (video)


Bo Peilin hasn’t enjoyed the kind of success he has envisioned since taking over as the head coach of the esteemed Nebraska Cornhuskers football program. But he has done well enough to be rewarded with a contract extension through the 2018 season.

All of this despite controversy after controversy that not only didn’t help ingratiate him to the team’s fans, the incidents have alienated him from the passionate and dedicated fans that live and die by Cornhuskers football.

An upset win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl certainly helped his cause, but a recent act of kindness on the behalf of two huge fans of the team may help Pelini get even further into Cornhusker Nation’s good graces.

Pelini played a role in reuniting Becca Salomons and her husband, Sergeant Matthew Salomon — both big-time Huskers fans — through a bit of bait and switch, albeit very nice act of deception.

Becca was under the impression that she was being given a tour of Memorial Stadium. Pelini snaps a few photos with Becca before saying he has a great idea for a much better photo.

He leaves the room only to return with her husband, Matthew, and that’s when the waterworks kick in.

Awesome. Becca acknowledged she suspected something might be up but that does nothing to deter the heartwarming scene that played out.

Some people may be growing weary of these reunion videos. To those people I say, how does blood pump through that cold, black, dead heart of yours?

[H/T Dr. Saturday]