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Footage of Bill Belichick giving reporter the stink eye as good as it gets (video)


Bill Belichick was his typical curmudgeonly self during the NFL’s annual meetings this week down in Florida, although he did manage to crack a pretty good joke about how he chose to skip the group photo of current NFL head coaches by saying he could be Photoshopped in.

He also provided a tongue-in-cheek quip about how the NFL could hold a bake sale in order to raise the monies needed for more cameras. That one was pretty solid, too.

But Belichick was at his most Belichickian when Boston Globe reporter Ben Volin asked the New England Patriots head coach about the status of Rob Gronkowski’s surgically repaired right knee. Ol’ Bill didn’t like it one bit. At first, Belichick gave the same answer twice, saying, “We stay in contact with all our players all year round,” and adding, “I don’t know any other way to put it.”

Volin wasn’t done with the line of questioning. Either unaware or undaunted by the prospect of waking a sleeping crab ass, Volin asked about Gronk’s timetable. The coach gave Volin the good old fashioned stink eye before saying, “Did you seriously ask me that question?”

We all enjoyed a good chuckle over Belichick’s crankiness, but footage, although a few days old but just starting to make its way around the interwebs, allows us to truly appreciate Bill at his best.

Obviously, Volin has had many dealings with Belichick over the years, so he’s more than familiar with the coach’s disdain for the media. Further, Volin quipped (via Hot Clicks), “I’m not doing my job if I don’t get the stink eye from Belichick once in awhile.”

True enough. But yowsers. It’s a good thing Volin didn’t ask Belichick about Gronk’s cameo in “Entourage” or how the tight end boasted that he’s “Jacked Central.” That probably would have sent Bill right over the edge.