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Oreo to sell limited edition cookies featuring image of Stanley Cup (photo)


To celebrate that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to kick off in a few weeks, Nabisco has announced the immensely popular cookie will bear the silhouette of Lord Stanley’s Cup on it.

The sandwich cookies featuring the patented tasty and sugary “cream” filling cradled between two chocolate wafer biscuitsĀ  (in its original form — how many variations are there now? 100?) are America’s favorite cookie, which makes it somewhat curious that the Stanley Cup-branded Oreos only will be available in Canada.

Pardon? Take off, hoser.

Granted, hockey is Canada’s pastime and the NHL is considered a regional, fringe sport by many folks in the States. But that does not mean that NHL fans in America should be deprived of chocolatey, Stanley Cup goodness.

Still, a pretty cool way to honor the Pursuit of the Cup. In a way, an Oreo kind of resembles a puck, but far tastier, obviously. For most people. Canadians, though? Hard to say. Those folks love their hockey.

Last thing: At the bottom of the ad featuring a hockey player hoisting an Oreo in the same manner an NHLer hoists the Cup, there is the disclaimer: “Cookie Not To Scale.” Thanks for the heads up, ad wizards who came up with this one. Although you know some woodhead would complain and convince some lawyer to file a lawsuit that alleges misleading advertising and would request punitive damages resulting from the extreme psychological trauma the plaintiff experienced when they learned the Stanley Cup Oreo wasn’t as big as a manhole cover.

Actually, that only would happen in America. They are a far more sensible people up Canada way. You know what I’m talking aboot.