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Mike Cammalleri learns valuable lesson: Skates require blades (video)

As Mike Cammalleri took the ice for his pre-game skate before last Saturday’s game between his Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, he quickly arrived at a realization that he should have learned all the way back when he first started playing hockey: Skates need blades in order to function correctly.

In a priceless scene to watch but probably an embarrassing — but humorous — one for Cammalleri, he instantly realized that his skates lacked blades when he immediately fell to the ice in a comical slide.

Cammalleri laughed — and so did we — as his teammates helped him off the playing surface so he could go get the necessary adjustments made in order for his ice hockey-foot gear to become ice hockey-functional.


And for the record, once Cammalleri corrected his equipment malfunction, he scored a goal and notched two assists in a 8-1 throttling of the Oilers. All he needed, of course, was…

Blades … of … Steel!