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Michigan State the latest school to issue warnings about burning couches (pics)


The Michigan State Spartans will take on the Virginia Cavaliers in its Sweet Sixteen game on Friday at Madison Square Garden. As each game gets schools closer and closer to NCAA Tournament glory, not to mention the proclivity of college students to burn couches and riot following big wins, schools have started to adopt a proactive approach to curbing such displays of campus anarchy.

Much like Louisville has done this week, Michigan State — whose students burned couches after the Spartans won the Big Ten football title in December — has preemptively begun to post signs in the school’s cafeterias and alert students through other means as well that couch burning, rioting and other displays of antisocial and pseudo-violent behavior will not be tolerated.

The school is stressing to students that there is no such thing as an anonymous act anymore in light of cell phones and such.


Further, the university also is providing a list alerting students of what they should do should things get out of hand.


Yeah, this will work splendidly. College students always think twice before engaging in risky behavior, right? Especially when presented with instructions on how to avoid such tomfoolery.

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