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DeSean Jackson posts Instagram pic of himself firing a handgun (photo)

DeSean Jackson is in the throes of a media firestorm and rabid conjecture related to whether or not he will be playing wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles next season. Depending on who is asked — including the wide receiver himself — Jackson’s ultimate fate ranges from remaining on the team, getting traded or being released.

Rumors of Jackson’s perceived reputation as a fiery malcontent — not to mention a contract that will pay him $10 million in 2014 has three years remaining on it — emboldens the speculation that the Eagles will part ways with the receiver one way or another.

Jackson, meanwhile, is attempting to avoid the rampant speculation — although he apparently believes he will be back with the Eagles — regarding his future by busying himself with other pursuits.

On Wednesday, his itinerary was chock-full of off-the-field pursuits, including just hanging out after a hard day (above).

Before that, he shot a commercial for Nike.

He hung out with Joan Rivers for the “Fashion Police.”

Oh, and he also hit up a shooting range to fire off some rounds with a handgun, evidence of which he posted to his Instagram account.

An unbiased outside observer may argue that if one’s professional future is hanging in the balance, perhaps it’s not the best idea to post provocative photos involving gun play, even if said gun play is being done in a safe and legal manner. Just a thought.

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