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Bill Murray wearing PBR golf shorts? Bill Murray wearing PBR golf shorts (photo)

Bill Murray always attracts attention on the golf course. A true lover of the great game, Murray showed up recently at River Bend Golf Links in Jacksonville, Fla. rocking the most absurd pair of Pabst Blue Ribbon golf shorts on the face of the earth. Or the only pair of Pabst Blue Ribbon golf shorts. It’s hard to say.

The combination of the PBR golf shorts and the mismatched zip-up jacket tells onlookers that Murray isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit from time to time. Or all the time. The pants also indicate Murray may be fond of hipster beer that my old man used to drink when he was young and broke in a completely non-ironic way. But I digress…

Anyway, this just in: Bill Murray is awesome. That is all.

Oh, wait, one last thing: That is one fetching lass on Murray’s arm. The young lady in question is First Coast News’ Lindsey Boetsch. Originally believed to be pants, she reports that the slacks are in fact shorts. Yet one more reason why being Bill Murray rules.

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