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Willie Randolph on Joe Girardi the first brilliant videobomb of MLB season (video)

Granted, save for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks, most teams are still in spring training mode, but New York Yankees bench coach Willie Randolph is in midseason videobomb form already thanks to the bravado demonstration of videobombing prowess he exhibited behind Joe Girardi during a 5th inning dugout interview of the Yankees skipper during the team’s exhibition game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Randolph, working with the Bronx Bombers as a guest instructor, rises up from behind Girardi with a goofy look on his face before dipping back down again, kind of like how the Dianoga poked its eye out of the refuse in the Death Star’s trash compactor in “Star Wars.”

In no way am I comparing Willie Randolph to a Dianoga, by the way. That’s just what it reminded me of … because I’m a nerd.

Anyhoo, great job by Girardi revealing how Randolph tried videobombing him during a radio interview. Come on, Little Willie. That’s weaksauce.