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Red Sox to resemble Statue of Liberty’s pimps at White House visit? (pics)


The Boston Red Sox will pay a visit to the White House on April 1 to commemorate the team’s World Series title. Thanks to Jonny Gomes, the team will be doing so in style, or lack thereof, depending on one’s perspective.

According to conflicting reports, the Red Sox either will or will not be wearing the above Stars & Stripes blazer atrocities when the team meets with President Barack Obama next week, depending on whether the report from or CBS Boston is an accurate representation of the facts regarding the team’s planned choice of attire for the esteemed event.

Gomes received a complementary Stars & Stripes blazer from Loudmouth Golf, the clothing outfit known best as the supplier of John Daly’s crazy golf getups, but reportedly managed to arrange a package deal so he could outfit all his teammates. Presumably so he wouldn’t look like the only idiot.

The Red Sox earlier hinted that Obama will be getting one of these bad boys as well by sending a teaser tweet to the POTUS.

Gomes later went on record to state that it wasn’t his intent for the team to wear the Stars & Stripes blazers to the White House, but seemingly left the possibility open-ended.

Make it happen, Red Sox. To see the players and the President rocking these ridiculously absurd blazers at the same time would be a treat that would leave everyone’s rods and cones present during the ceremony all screwed up for weeks.

(obligatory hat tip to “Family Guy” for “Statue of Liberty’s pimp” reference)