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Phil Jackson calls Knicks’ blowout loss to Lakers ‘awful,’ leaves early to walk dog


Phil Jackson made an appearance at his old stomping grounds to watch his New York Knicks face his old team, the Los Angeles Lakers, on the hardwood at Staples Center. The new Knicks president in all likelihood is regretting that decision as it probably would have been far less painful to stay away.

The Knicks were obliterated by the Lakers by a score of 127-96, a blowout loss compounded by L.A. scoring an absurd 51 points in the third quarter, the most points scored in a quarter by a team in the past four years and the second-largest offensive putout in 12 minutes of NBA basketball in the last 23 seasons. Not pretty.

The Knicks now sit at 29-42 and are three games back of the Atlanta Hawks, who currently sit in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, with 11 games to play.

The 51 points set records for both the Knicks and Lakers, the most points surrendered and the most points scored in a quarter, respectively.

Knicks players, as well as their beleaguered head coach, hardly could put their unhappiness into words after the game.

“All hell broke loose… that’s just unacceptable,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said, according to the New York Daily News.

“There is no explanation for that,” Tyson Chandler said.

“They picked us apart,” Anthony said about the Lakers. “It’s disappointing. We didn’t compete.”

But the harshest words came from Jackson, who may be wondering just how big of an overhaul this team will require to make them competitive.

Jackson watched the carnage for as long as he could endure from a luxury suite.

With about nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Jackson had seen enough. The Times reported that he texted fiancée Jeanie Buss and arranged to meet at the Staples Center loading dock where their car would be waiting.

“Fifty-one points,” Jackson said, according to The New York Times. “When it’s 35 points you start to get worried. When it’s a 51-point quarter, that’s really awful.”

The Times characterized the scene as Jackson made his way out of the arena he once ruled over when leading the Lakers to five titles, and managed to get word on what his plans were for the rest of the evening.

The man charged with cleaning up the mess did not have any answers, either. But he has only been on the job for a week.

When Jackson exited the elevator, he stopped to use the bathroom. Then he made his way down familiar corridors, through a door and to his car. An attendant held the driver’s door open for Jackson. Buss was in the passenger seat.

What did he have planned for the rest of the night?

“I think I’ll walk the dog,” he said.

Ha. Sounds a lot better than being forced to watch the Knicks put up another stinker in a season full of them, right? Granted, Jackson wasn’t around for most of them, but to watch the team he’s charged with rebuilding lay an egg on national television surely wasn’t the best way to spend an evening. Taking the dog for a walk, on the other hand, sounds sublimely Zen-like.

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