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On-campus housing warns Louisville Cardinals fans about burning couches (photo)


The Louisville Cardinals are heading into a Sweet Sixteen showdown with bitter in-state rival Kentucky Wildcats on Friday. The school’s on-campus housing department would prefer that couches were not sacrificed in a campus-crazed scene of pyromaniacal mayhem, either in a demonstration of jubilation should the Cardinals win the game, or in a display of violent, sofa-savaging carnage should the team come up short.

Perhaps the housing department arrived at the realization it needed to issue a call to refrain from couch-burning in light of the anarchy that played out in 2012 in Lexington when Wildcats fans burned couches after the team defeated the Cardinals in a Final Four game.

The university utilized similar means last year to warn students about the perils of burning couches when Louisville posted messages to its Facebook page stressing that “Couches are for cuddling, not burning,” among other helpful hints.

Either way, what Louisville’s on-campus housing department would like to stress is that couch fires aren’t cool and most importantly, respect your couch, students. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If not for themselves, for Jennifer Lawrence. We all know she would never condone that kind of behavior.

And now they know. And knowing is half the battle.