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Jim Kelly’s daughter posts heartbreaking photos as word comes of cancer’s return (pics)


Multiple outlets are reporting that Hall of Famer Jim Kelly’s oral cancer has returned. Originally diagnosed last June, the cancer, which caused Kelly to have part of his jaw and teeth removed in the original surgery, is back, prompting the need for more surgery, tentatively scheduled for Thursday at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

According to statement from Kelly’s wife, Jill, on her blog, “the cancer’s back, aggressive, and starting to spread.”

Buffalo station WIVB reports that Kelly is “in bad shape” and has been in and out of hospitals for the past week and a half.

The family gathered at the hospital on Sunday around Kelly’s bed to watch a prayer service held at a Buffalo church.

“At the hospital…gathered around JK to watch The Chapel this morning,” Jill Kelly wrote, according a New York Daily News report. “Overwhelmed and humbled to watch Pastor Jerry and our congregration family kneel in prayer for our family…to be prayed for by name.”

Kelly’s daughter Erin recently shared some photos of her and her dad on her Instagram account. The images are utterly heartbreaking.

“Watching the Syracuse game with daddy 🙂 he’s my buddy! Love him so much!! #daddysgirl #prayersforjk #Kellytough,” Erin wrote in the above post.

Erin writes: “So thankful that he was up for a little walk today!!! God is good!!!! And He HEALS!!!! #prayersforjk #Kellytough #daddysgirl.”

Hug your loved ones, everyone, and be thankful if they are fortunate enough to have their health. And say a prayer or whatever suits you — a moment of reflection — for the Kellys and every other family through such a heart wrenching experience.