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Of course there’s a Chucky doll in Jon Gruden’s QB camp office (pics/video)

For a few years now, ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden holds a quarterback camp where the former head coach breaks down film and hangs out with up-and-coming QB prospects about to be selected in NFL Draft.

Entering its fifth season, Gruden’s QB camp will include appearances by Johnny Manziel, A.J. McCarron and Teddy Bridgewater, the last of which was the featured signal-caller during Monday’s installment.

While the bit is all well and good, informative and entertaining, it was a prop located on a shelf of Gruden’s office that is drawing the attention of the interwebs.

Inconspicuously placed on a shelf is a Chucky doll, the creature feature main character from the “Child’s Play” films (on top of the bookshelf above Gruden’s head).


Of course, Gruden’s sneering visage has long been compared to the appearance of the sinister living doll terror, so it makes perfect sense.

For the Win notes that the Chucky doll isn’t the personal property of Gruden but simply a set accessory placed in the office by the production team for comedic effect.

And yet, it remains a pretty cool and clever nod to the apt comparison between Gruden and a murderous demon doll.


The resemblance is truly uncanny.