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Best news ever: Ozzie Guillen set to join ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’ crew


In news that should be thrilling to baseball fans but fill ESPN producers with a profound sense of dread, it has been announced that Ozzie Guillen will be joining the network and is slated to appear on “Baseball Tonight.”

Guillen, the longtime manager of the Chicago White Sox who last coached the Miami Marlins in 2012, is often controversial and unafraid to express his opinions, often utilizing language most folks would deem far too colorful for television, hence the presumed, paranoid apprehension of ESPN producers who will frequently and nervously have their hands hovering over the dump button whenever Ozzie’s microphone is on.

Former Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners skipper Eric Wedge and ex-pitcher Dallas Braden round out the additions to ESPN’s stable of baseball analysts.

But the true get for ESPN was Guillen. He most certainly will add some spice and much-needed pep to the lineup.

Buckle up, everyone: If his past behavior is any indication, it could be a bumpy — albeit enjoyable — ride.

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