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Rob Gronkowski bros out with TMZ on set of ‘Entourage, says he’s ‘Jacked Central’ (video)

Earlier this week a photo popped up on the Internet showing New England Patriots teammates Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman hanging out on the set of the upcoming “Entourage” film.

Thanks to TMZ, we now know that Gronk is indeed making a cameo in the movie version of the HBO series.

Gronkowski reports that his scene included himself, Edelman and “Drama,” otherwise known as Johnny Chase, the character portrayed by Kevin Dillon.

Series creator Doug Ellin tweeted a photo of Gronk, Edelman, Dillon and some lovely ladies on the set.


In a tweet that included the above photograph, Ellin referred to it as “the most epic day in entourage history.” How couldn’t it be?

Later, when asked about what is was like to shoot his cameo for the movie, Gronk says, “Super sick.” Of course he did. In fact, the video is chock-full of variations of that kind of phrase, especially “super cool.” Gronk says that a lot. Because that’s how he rolls, bro.

TMZ Dude then inquired how Gronk is progressing in his rehab following knee surgery. When asked to put a percentage on how far along he is to total recovery, Gronk replies, “I don’t do percentages, I just work every day.” Yeah, doing percentages are complicated math-stuff, brah.

Thank goodness TMZ Dude didn’t ask Gronk about super powers.

Arguably the best part of the video comes at the very beginning. After TMZ Dude compliments him on his physique, Gronk does a bit of flexing and mugging for the camera while mentioning that he’s “Jacked Central.” Gronk then offers to do some push-ups right then and there for TMZ dude. When asked how many, Gronk replies, “69.”

Guh. This guy never — nor likely will he ever — grew out of Frat Bro mode.

And you know what? That’s all good. Brah.

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