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Blatant Homerism

Ricky Rubio fills out bracket, says, ‘I like the players when they are kind of fancy’ (pic)


Fresh off his triple-double on Wednesday night to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 123-122 overtime victory over the Dallas Mavericks, point guard Ricky Rubio weighed in on easily the most important sports story of the day, or at least the only thing people are paying attention to: The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Of course, Rubio didn’t attend college in the States, coming straight from a sparkling career in Spain to the T’Wolves.

As anyone who has followed Rubio’s NBA career knows, the 23-year-old, between his more-than-adequate-but-not-expert grasp on the English language and his voice, is almost like a cartoon character, in an adorable kind of way.

So when he spoke about the tournament, of course something kind of funny came out of his mouth.

“I like the games, I like the players when they are kind of fancy, too,” Rubio said, via the Star Tribune.

Ha. Fancy. That’s great.

Rubio did fill out another bracket this year (above) and he revealed there is a method to making his picks. He routinely picks against teams that his teammates played for in college.

“I always go against the guy who has his team [in the tournament],” Rubio said. “They have their own school and their own team and I just go against them. When UCLA plays, I go with the other team so I can talk bad with Kevin Love and all those guys who are from UCLA.”

Among other picks going against teammates (Corey Brewer-Florida team, Chase Budinger-Arizona team, Gorgui Dieng-Louisville, Ronny Turiaf-Gonzaga, Dante Cunningham-Villanova and A.J. Price-Connecticut), that means Rubio picked 13th-seeded Tulsa to pull an upset over No. 4 seed UCLA, the alma mater of teammates Kevin Love, Shabazz Muhammad and Luc Mbah a Moute.

Things didn’t go so well for Rubio with last year’s tourney picks.

“Last year was kind of terrible,” he admitted. “I didn’t put Louisville in the Final Four, so it messed me up.”

But this year, he’s picking Florida to win it all.

“I hear they’re good,” he said.

Worth noting: Rubio did pick Dayton to beat Ohio State, so at the time of this post, he’s already 1-for-1 on his upset picks.