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It’s Lakers team photo day, and Kobe Bryant couldnt’ be happier* (photo)


*not really

It was time for the 2013-14 official team photograph day for the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday at team headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., and while participating in such a thing is an annoying thing to have to do in general — who likes group photos, right? — Kobe Bryant could not look more disinterested, disengaged and, well, miserable.

Let’s blow that sucker up:


The look, body language, everything about Kobe screams, “Get me outta here,” not only the photo shoot, but arguably the Lakers organization. The team has no appearances of being able to compete anytime soon: The roster is short on talent and aging, the organization seems to lack direction, purpose and vision, and well, they stink. And this comes from a guy who just signed a two-year contract extension with the team. Sure, that extension will put $48.5 million in his pocket, but at what cost? At what cost?

If Kobe is an “Arrested Development” fan, here’s what’s going through his mind the moment the above photo was snapped:

That about says it all.

(image via @Lakers)