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Kid throws temper tantrum over missed souvenir ball, gets ball anyway (video)

Sometimes for a kid, throwing a compete hissy fit pays dividends, but only if someone actually rewards such bad behavior. That kind of scene played out when the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Australian national baseball team in an exhibition game Down Under.

A player attempted to toss a ball to a young fan from several feet away but the throw came up short, hitting off the low wall. A security guard picked it up and gave it to another fan. The young kid in question was having no part of that outcome, committing all his angst, disappointment and inability to deal with things not going his way into an utterly amazing temper tantrum.

As mentioned above, it paid off, as whoever got the souvenir ball ended up tossing it to the boy, but in the end, what lessons were taught here to this boy? That if he is loud enough and displays a sufficiently loud enough demonstration of bad behavior, he will get what he wants? Apparently so. I thought that philosophy of raising children only was utilized and implemented here in the States. Apparently not.