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Potomac Nationals to give away beastly Jayson Werth ‘Wolf-a-rine’ figurine (photo)


If there is one member of the Washington Nationals who most resembles some kind of hybrid man-beast, it’s most certainly Jayson Werth. The scraggly beard and mangy locks of hair Werth is known to rock in and of themselves do more than enough to warrant beast-man comparisons, but his comments last season about how the Nationals should be ready to “eat somebody’s face” belies a bloodlust typical of some kind of ravenous and unholy half-man, half-wild wolfish hell beast.

Thanks to the Potomac Nationals, the Class A affiliation of the Washington Nationals, the concept of what Werth may look like if he became as much beast as man has been realized. On Aug. 16, the team will be giving out a Jayson Werth “Wolf-a-rine” figurine.

The minor league outfit describes the figurine as follows (via D.C. Sports Bog):

“After the terrific reception to the Roger Bernadina ‘Shark-A-rine, which ended up on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike Show” during the 2013 season, the Potomac Nationals have piggybacked that concept with the Jayson Werth ‘Wolf-A-rine’ for the 2014 slate,” a spokesman explained via e-mail. “A half-man, half-wolf figurine rendering of the Washington Nationals’ hairiest slugger, the Wolf-A-rine is truly an exclusive giveaway, and Nats fans everywhere will be clawing to get one.”

Some additional photos of the Wolf-a-rine:

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Bad. Ass. A tremendous tribute to one beastly man.