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Carmelo Anthony to Mike Woodson: ‘Let’s play the (expletive) game, man!’ (video)

The suddenly red hot New York Knicks were leading the Indiana Pacers by seven with 19.5 seconds remaining on Wednesday night when head coach Mike Woodson’s assumed attention to detail was just too much for Carmelo Anthony.

Apparently, Carmelo, despite the Knicks being out of timeouts, felt that the game was in hand and that Woodson needn’t pore over every single eventuality and possibility given the team was out of time outs. So, Anthony stuck in hand into the huddle in an attempt to signify the customary, “Let’s break” routine to end the meeting. Woodson kept on talking.

A few seconds later, enough was enough, so Anthony told it like it is to his head coach: “Let’s play the f–king game, man!”

The reaction and look on Woodson’s face to Carmelo’s demand was by far the best part of the brief exchange:


Haha. Gold.

While not uncommon for these kind of incidents to occur in the heat of the battle, the tenuous hold Woodson has on his job, along with the insertion of Phil Jackson as team president, paired with Anthony’s impending free agency (worth noting: Melo says he and Jackson “are on the same page”) makes this terse and uncomfortable interaction between coach and player all the more interesting. And potentially toxic and ultimately damning for Woodson.

On the other hand, with the 96-86 win, the Knicks have now won seven straight and trail the Atlanta Hawks by four games in a chase for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. A lot of ground to make up with so little remaining in the season, sure, but the winning streak nevertheless is one of those things that make you go “Hmm…” Or something.

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