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Tom Brady, Gisele reportedly selling L.A. mansion, the one with the moat (photo)


While the utilization of the phrase “really shocking” may be overstating it a bit, TMZ reports that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen will be putting their mega-mansion in Los Angeles on the market.

The couple took four years and spent a reported $40 million renovating the sprawling estate, even installing a moat, an aspect of the design that attracted a fair amount of attention when reports surfaced in January 2013 regarding the massive amount of work being put into the 22,000 square feet of living space — including 14,000 square feet in the main home alone — and the surrounding grounds.

It was believed that Tom and Gisele ultimately settle in at the L.A. estate once the New England Patriots quarterback retires from football, but that seems to not be what the couple has planned. Perhaps the Brady brood will choose to spend their days in Boston full-time. Or some other locale of their choosing. You see, they have a buttload of money and stuff.

For what it’s worth, the estate reportedly will be listed at a cool $40 million. While that may be a little out of the average person’s price range, perhaps you and 200 of your closest friends could pool your money and buy it as a timeshare. The only problem would be you may have to wait a couple of years for your week to come up. Sigh.