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Knicks owner James Dolan reportedly handed out CDs of his band to free agents


As Phil Jackson was introduced as the new president of the New York Knicks on Tuesday, team owner James Dolan welcomed the potential savior of the moribund franchise and freely admitted that by he is “by no means an expert in basketball,” meaning Jackson would have carte blanche — to an extent — as he attempted to rebuild the team.

A story about how Dolan clumsily inserted himself into negotiations with free agents during the summer of 2010 — the period of time when LeBron James was preparing to make “The Decision” — certainly lends credence to Dolan’s own self-incriminating remarks about how he had no business spearheading — or even participating in — the basketball operations of the franchise.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski spins the following tale about how Dolan, perhaps overestimating his merits as a musician and inflating the popularity of his bar band, JD and the Straight Shot, to the average NBA player, gave away CDs featuring songs by the group to free agents the Knicks were courting.

When New York Knicks executives chased free agents in the summer of 2010, owner James Dolan made himself a part of the presentations. He isn’t the most engaging, enchanting man, but Dolan does fancy himself a musician. So, yes, there were player and agent meetings four years ago when Dolan delivered a parting gift on the way out of the room.

“He passed out copies of his CD,” said a source, who stuffed his copy of one into a bag and no longer remembers where it’s gone.

Good grief. That is so, so awkward.

Dolan has been known to talk Knicks during his band’s performances, including performing the sweet jam “Fix the Knicks” during concerts, but that doesn’t mean he should flip the script and talk about his band during Knicks business.

After hearing that embarrassing story, Knicks fans are likely overjoyed that Dolan said he was “willingly and gratefully” handing over the reins of the team to Jackson. So far as I know, Jackson isn’t in some hackneyed bar band, nor would he have the audacity to think prospective free agents would want to listen to it, either. Jackson probably instead would give out autographed copies of his book, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.” Sure, that would show a tremendous amount of ego — something Jackson has in abundance — at least it possibly could be informative or educational.

In any event, Dolan stepping aside and allowing Jackson to run the show hopefully means that the Knicks City Dancers won’t be subjected to Dolan and his whims and frustrations anytime again soon as well. That would be nice for the gals.