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Clint Dempsey suspended by MLS for slapping opponent in the crotch (GIF)

Clint Dempsey reportedly has been suspended by Major League Soccer for two matches after a review of game film from last weekend’s match against Toronto FC showed the Seattle Sounders star slapping Mark Bloom in the groin.

Apparently, the referees missed the crotch-slap, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that Dempsey’s open-handed slap to Bloom’s man parts was intentional. One could argue that took a lot of balls. You know, if one wanted to make a hackneyed reference at a lazy pun. Which apparently I did.

At the same time, Bloom certainly appears to be playing it up a bit as it didn’t seem like an overly gratuitous crotch-chop. Unless it was one of those glancing blows that barely catches anything. Sometimes those are the worst. You guys know what I’m talking about.

Still, man up and rub some orange wedges on it, Bloom. Or something.

[H/T For the Win, GIF via SB Nation]