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Aroldis Chapman makes fun of Sammy Sosa by donning whiteface (photo)

Anybody who has seen images documenting the curious case of Sammy Sosa’s lightening complexion has enjoyed a chuckle or two about just how weird the former slugger looks now (his ill-conceived Pinterest page certainly was the pinnacle of the hilarity).

Apparently, some big league baseball players have taken notice of the transformation, and perhaps for the first time, an MLB player has made light of it, pun intended.

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman took to Instagram recently to have some fun at Sosa’s expense by utilizing the relatively unknown whiteface bit.

And in case you’re wondering about whiteface, as Big League Stew notes, yes, it is a thing.

Anyway, Chapman posted the above photo on Instagram along with the message (in Spanish), “I am not Sammy Sosa lol.”

LOL indeed.

Sosa’s complexion seems to change with each passing photo, but here is a recent one posted by his wife, Sonia.

Yikes. Once again, Sosa appears to be more wax sculpture than man.

But in all seriousness, this whole whiteface thing? The use of it is definitely beyond the pale. Once again, pun intended.