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Nightmare Fuel: Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez poses with four old guys in Speedos (photos)


As you may know, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in Australia in advance of the team’s season-opening series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The official Twitter account of the Dodgers has been doing a phenomenal job of chronicling the trip, but sometimes revealing too much causes too much to be revealed.

Case in point: The above photo. First baseman Adrian Gonzalez took a moment to pose for a photo with some gentlemen on the beach. The problem was that these were older gentlemen rocking Speedos. Not a good look for a young man, definitely not a good look for older, saggy gents.

Crikey! Talk about the Land Down Under, right?


Other highlights from the Dodgers’ Twitter accounting of what’s up Down Under include Vin Scully hanging with a koala and Yasiel Puig honing his cricket skills.

Cool stuff, although we could have done without the Gonzalez photograph. Sheesh.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]