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Umpire dropped by a Brandon Phillips line drive straight to the nut sack (video)

To say MLB umpire Brad Myers had a terrible St. Patrick’s Day at the ballpark on Monday while working the Cincinnati Reds-Cleveland Indians would be a drastic understatement. Usually that’s the case when said day involves taking a screaming line drive straight to the man parts.

Myers, as part of a three-man officiating crew, was standing just behind the pitcher’s mound on the shortstop side when a line drive off the bat of Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips began bearing down upon him. Myers valiantly tried to get out of the way, but there was no time and his evasive movements actually caused the ball to hit him in the most sensitive of areas. The crotchal region. Yamma hamma.

It was a scene that prompted a cause for concern as Myers stayed on the ground for several minutes before being gingerly loaded on to a cart and taken off the field and brought to a hospital for further tests. Myers did tip his cap to the fans as he left.

“They’re in a vulnerable spot out there,” Indians pitcher Corey Kluber said in a report. “You see a lot of times, they’re just able to get out of the way. That one was just kind of one of the balls that chased him, I guess.”

Kluber has it right. That ball ate him up. Yikes.