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Steve Smith utilizes Twitter to track down devastated young Panthers fan (video)

Last week, a young Carolina Panthers fan’s devastated reaction to the news that Steve Smith would no longer be part of the team after a fantastic 13 seasons was posted to YouTube where it quickly went viral.

The news that the Panthers would ultimately release Smith became a foregone conclusion and was made official on Thursday. Smith later signed a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. It was a sad parting between Smith and Panthers Nation. So much so, in fact, that a gaggle of fans even protested the decision by the Panthers to cut the longtime wide receiver.

But once Smith learned that a boy named Gavin suffered an emotional breakdown over his release, the receiver realized he had some unfinished business related to the Panthers to attend to the next time he was in the Charlotte area.

Smith took to Twitter to ask for help in tracking down Gavin.

Of course, as is often the case in this day and age with how the Internet that has made the world so much smaller, Smith managed to get in touch of Gavin’s father.

See? A somewhat happy ending to a somewhat sad story. Although to be honest, despite his over-the-top reaction initially, Gavin probably would have gotten over it soon enough anyway. But now he gets to meet Steve Smith as a result of his online humiliation. That’s nice.

Smith later commented on the video during an appearance on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” radio show.

“It touched me a little bit,” Smith said, according to “He was bawling. He had the ugly-face cry.”

Smith also stated that he intends to give Gavin some Ravens memorabilia when the two meet up and that he had met Gavin before and that may be why the boy was so upset.

“Here’s the funniest thing,” Smith said. “I actually met Gavin three or four years ago. … That’s why he actually bawled. Our kids actually interacted a few times. He also knows me as Boston’s dad … our youngest.”