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Grown ass man steamrolls little girl tracking Billy Butler’s non-home run ball (video/GIF)

Sigh. In a bid to track down a home run ball that wasn’t even a home run ball, a man identified as “Allan” absolutely obliterated a young girl during Monday’s Texas Rangers-Kansas City Royals spring training game.

Royals designated hitter Billy Butler connected on an offering from Pedro Figueroa during the 7th inning, driving it deep into the gap in left-center field. Butler didn’t get quite enough of the ball and ended up with a double after the ball bounced off the fence.

Meanwhile, as Butler was watching to see if his ball would clear the fence, “Allan” was busy tracking the ball’s trajectory, clearly assuming a home run, while paying no mind whatsoever to his surroundings and utter disregard for anyone possibly standing in his way.

That’s when a young girl unfortunately got between Allan and where the grown ass man had estimated where the ball would land. The result?


Collision. An ugly one, too, the severity of which was exacerbated by the fact that this was a grown ass man chasing down a silly souvenir baseball. He totally trucked her, man. Yeesh.

Not good. Allan admitted in the video’s description that he may have been “a little overzealous” in his pursuit. You think?