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Bryce Harper visits zoo, tweets that ‘giraffes are so legit’ (photo)


Bryce Harper has had an interesting spring training insofar as the attention his activities have garnered by the media. He’s worn a “PED FREE” shirt, arrived in camp appearing much more buff, was spotted carrying around a box of Girl Scout cookies and to cap it off, was spotted helping out a sweet old lady at a grocery store.

The Washington Nationals slugger had some free time on his hands recently so he decided to hit the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Fla., with girlfriend Kayla Varner. Harper seemingly enjoyed checking out all the animals and interacting with them, but he appeared to be most captivated by the giraffes, which he referred to in a tweet as “so legit.”

His entire tweet reads as follows: Great day at the zoo with @kayvarner! so much fun interacting with the animals…giraffes are so legit! #BrevardZoo,” but it’s the “so legit” part that is so interesting.

What a strange way of describing a giraffe, let alone any animal. The only thing that would have made Harper’s observation even better is if he would have instead tweeted, “Giraffes are so legit, brah.”

It’s nice to know that Harper thinks that giraffes are so legit, but they are not, however, too legit. Because if that was the case, the majestic animals would not be able to quit, according to the argument posited in that MC Hammer song.