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Rick Pitino’s advice to Eddie Jordan after Louisville thrashed Rutgers: Drink up


The Lousville Cardinals absolutely destroyed, demolished and demoralized the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Thursday in an American Athletic Conference tournament quarterfinal game. Rutgers were no match for Louisville in ever facet of the game and were trailing 58-16 at halftime.

When it was all said and done, Louisville walked off the court with a 92-31 victory. Rutgers, particularly head coach Eddie Jordan, walked off the court looking for answers. Which there were none.

Jordan admitted ““nothing worked tonight. We tried.”

It was something of a foregone conclusion that Louisville would have its way with Rutgers, as the Cardinals thrashed the Scarlet Knights by 48 points in the teams’ previous meeting in February, not to mention Louisville (27-5) is entering the NCAA Tournament red-hot.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino appeared to feel for his head coaching counterpart after the game. Pitino even had a suggestion for Jordan on how to best get over such a whooping: Belly up to the bar and forget about it.

“You go right to the bar, forget the game, have a drink and get ready for next year,” Pitino suggested.

Another thing Pitino could have suggested: Don’t ever promise players that you’ll get a tattoo.

But the advice to drink up? Truer words were never spoken. Although one additional piece of advice should be added to Pitino’s suggestion that Jordan drown in sorrows in booze. Leave the bar at closing time. Never stay in an establishment after hours. Only bad things can happen once last call is served and folks start emptying out.  Pitino knows what I’m talking about.

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