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Rays portray Don Zimmer as a confused old man to promote team’s Flex Pack (video)

Don Zimmer is 83 years old and has spent over six decades in pro baseball. The icon currently serves as a senior adviser in the Tampa Bay Rays organization and the team recently shot a commercial featuring Zimmer where they present him a Flex Pack card, which apparently is a newfangled way besides a traditional paper ticket to get into the ballpark.

Technology? Not in my ballpark if you know what’s good for ya!

Zimmer, clearly playing it up, acts all sorts of confused and gets all worked up into a huff when informed he needs to use the Flex Pack in order to gain access to the stadium. He says he can get in to the ballpark any way he darn well pleases, consarnit!

It’s pretty clever, and at the end, Zimmer flashes a big smile, which lets us all know he’s in on the joke and that he’s not a vulnerable senior citizen being victimized or mistreated. Which is good.

Apparently, Rays fans can use Zimmer’s Flex Pack to save $10 on a ticket. All they have to do is enter his code at this site.

Finally, no Don Zimmer post would be complete without a reference to Zim Bear.


Because, you know, Zim Bear. Straight-up, Grade-A Nightmare Fuel, man.