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Little girl sneaks past chained-off seats to get a closer look at Derek Jeter (video)


A little girl taking in the New York Yankees-Baltimore Orioles spring training game on Thursday wasn’t about to let a chained-off section of seats stop her from getting as close as possible to her baseball-playing hero, Derek Jeter.

The cutie — wearing a Jeter t-shirt, mind you — perhaps aware that Jeter is riding off into the sunset after this season, unlatched the chain that separated the regular seats from the primo ones and sneaked down to get a closer look during The Captain’s sixth-inning at-bat.

It was an adorable scene, but imagine if this was some beer-bellied, inebriated man? Instead of commenting on how cute a scene it was, we instead would be observing, “Did you see how quick security tackled that cretinous idiot?” That’s the way of the world, I guess. And the way it should be, to be perfectly honest.