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Seattle Mariners once again have set the bar for MLB team commercials (videos)


Each season, the Seattle Mariners seem to outdo, both in concept and execution, every other major league organization when it comes to the team’s series of commercials. The only team that comes close is the Minnesota Twins, but if the Twinkies are going to compete with the M’s this season, they better bring their “A” game.

All the way back to this 2012 commercial featuring then-Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki doing a Sean Connery impression, the team has consistently cranked out effective and creative commercials to promote the team in its local television market.

This season is no different. A crop of commercials have been released on, and these are as top-notch as all the spots that have preceded them.

First up, Felix Hernandez (a/k/a King Felix) turns into another famous monarch with each and every pitch (King Tut, King Arthur, Elvis Presley):

Next, newly acquired Robinson Cano is so awesome he always moves in slo-mo and is accompanied by music.

Next up, infielder Kyle Seager is so old school he tweets using a typewriter:

As calm as he is on the field, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma is as full of surprises off the field. For instance, his ability to make balloon animals.

And how about a blooper reel?

Well done, Mariners. Twins? You’re up.