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Josh Beckett slams thumb in door, is latest casualty of ‘Bizarre MLB Injury’ curse


Another day, another major league baseball player suffers another bizarre injury. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett may miss a spring training start or two because of an injured right thumb.

A thumb injury is not an uncommon malady to befall a pitcher, but the nature in which Beckett hurt it is what makes it so doggone weird: His thumb got caught between some clubhouse doors about 10 days ago.

Yep. He sprained his thumb on doors.

Beckett, 34, is attempting to come back from surgery that ended his 2013 season in July, only to have to deal with such an almost-comically unfortunate accident.

“I come back from thoracic outlet syndrome and this is what I’m dealing with,” Beckett said, reportedly shaking his head, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

According to the Mayo Clinic, thoracic outlet syndrome is “a group of disorders that occur when the blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) become compressed. This can cause pain in your shoulders and neck and numbness in your fingers.”

See? That sounds a lot more serious and, you know, legitimate and understandable than, say, “slamming your thumb in some doors.”

Due to his injury, Beckett joins the likes of Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez (stepped on a cactus), Pittsburgh PIrates outfielder Travis Snider (cut hand slicing sweet potatoes) and Miami Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez (ingrown hair turned shin infection), among others, to suffer such a bizarre injury/malady thus far in spring training.

Seriously, it’s almost as if baseball players are cursed. Major league ball clubs would be wise to wrap players in bubble wrap when they are away from the field, or even better, have players rest in some kind of cryogenic chamber in between ballgames. That may be the only way to avoid the “Curse of the Comically Bizarre MLB Injury.”