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Gregg Popovich delivers again in yet another brilliant in-game interview (video)

J.A. Adande worked the sidelines during ESPN’s broadcast of the San Antonio Spurs-Portland Trail Blazers game on Wednesday night. While it is a high-profile gig, to be sure, but it meant that Adande may be presented with the unfortunate task of having to interview Gregg Popovich, who often turns sideline reporters into mincemeat as he barely tolerates their inquiries.

Adande did in fact interview Pop during the game, in between the third and fourth quarter. With the Spurs leading the Blazers 73-64 heading into the final frame, Adande asked Popovich about what he would emphasize to his team heading into the fourth quarter.

Popovich shrugged, and then provided some keen insight into his motivational tactics and coaching acumen.

His response?

“Play well.”

Bravo, Coach Pop. Bravo. A brilliant performance. At least that’s better than what Popovich claims to say to his players sometimes during timeouts, which is little to nothing.

In any event, whatever Popovich said — if anything — must have worked, as the Spurs beat the Blazers by a score of 103-90.

One could ask why do reporters even bother interviewing Pop during the game (let alone afterward, but that’s another story). The answer is this: Because despite his terse demeanor and useless answers that reveal little, a Popovich in-game interview provides for great theater. Sure, it’s obvious there are about a million other places Popovich would prefer to be, but he isn’t, and we are allowed to sit back and enjoy his misery.

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