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Dallas Mavericks create ‘Game of Thrones’ intro: ‘House of Mavs’ (video)

With the Season 4 set to premiere in only a few weeks, nerds, fanboys and fans of phenomenal television adaptations of brilliant pieces of fiction alike are all eagerly anticipating the next season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

The Dallas Mavericks, perhaps sensing that the craze will reach near-hysterical levels leading up to the premiere of the first episode on April 6, the team unleashed some highly skilled visual artists to replicate the intro to the show but do so in a Mavericks-centric theme, presumably to be played to pump up the fans during home games at American Airlines Center.

And with that, we have “House of Mavs.”

Well done, Mavericks. But despite the yeoman’s job of recreating the intro, in the end, “Valar morghulis,” right?

And that’s when you respond, “Valar dohaeris.” Hello? Come on, people, work with me here.

And for the record? As far as the Houses of Westeros are concerned, Mark Cuban is so Roose Bolton. Kinda.