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Bryce Harper helps out sweet old lady at the grocery store (photo)


Bryce Harper. “PED FREE” superstar baseball player. World-class athlete. Underwear model. Owner of arms like tree trunks (buff, brah). Inspirational figure to children. Lover of Girl Scout cookies. Hater of “clown questions” (bro). And now, we can add “All-Around Good Guy” to the growing list of glowing accolades used to describe the Washington Nationals superstar.

Harper played the role of Good Samaritan the other day while doing a little grocery shopping when he assisted a sweet old lady in need. The elderly woman apparently could not reach an item located on a higher shelf and Harper was there, getting the item for her, just like a Boy Scout. I’d wouldn’t be shocked if we heard that he helped her cross the street after she completed her shopping.

Seriously, what can’t this guy do?

[H/T MLB Fan Cave, image via @kayvarner]