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Little girl unhappy that her dad is covering her eyes during Blackhawks-Avs brawl (GIF)

A little bit of the old on-ice ultraviolence erupted during the Chicago Blackhawks-Colorado Avalanche game on Wednesday night when combatants Sheldon Brookbank and Cody McLeod dropped the gloves and went toe-to-toe in a knock ’em out, drag ’em out bout of fisticuffs.

A cheap shot (which resulted in an interference penalty) from McLeod ignited the brawl and the two went at it.

In an act of protection and fatherly instinct, a dad seated with his daughter in some primo seats on the glass attempted to shield his young daughter’s eyes from the pugilistic carnage by covering her face, only for her to attempt to pry his hands away so she could sneak a peek at the brawling players.

Insatiable blood-lust for on-ice mayhem is always so gosh darn adorable. Is there anything more precious?

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