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Dwight Howard expertly dishes pass to Omer Asik … who was not in the game (video)

There’s one thing for an NBA player to be unselfish with the ball, to be willing to get his teammates involved in the game as an offensive set is run. The key to it, though, is that when passing to said teammate, make sure he’s actually, you know, in the game.

Dwight Howard had himself a brain fart during Tuesday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder when he passed the ball out of the paint to Houston Rockets teammate Omer Asik, who was very open and uncovered.

The reason why he was so gosh-darn open and left unattended by the Thunder defense was that he wasn’t actually in the game and simply was standing up near the Rockets bench. Derp.

Howard had a chuckle over the oops and in the end, it wasn’t the biggest woo in the world. But it was amusing. It would have been funnier if Asik would have caught the pass and jacked up a three-pointed. Now that would have been something. And probably a delay of game foul as well.